Thursday, 15 May 2014

2nd Chance in Wembley Play-Off Final Showdown

For many the 2013/14 Football league Championship season for Queens Park Rangers, was nothing less than a disaster. With huge expectations and a large financial backing failing was not considered an option, QPR was labelled the favourites.
However, if you look deeper and past all the media driven reports about the high salaries and transfer budgets you actually find out some of the real truths and quite possibly change your minds on what was actually a successful season.

A few points to consider:

  1. QPR a relegated team with far too many over paid so called 'Top Quality' players. 60-70% of the current team had to leave for several different reasons.
    1. Because salaries were to high.
    2. They didn't achieve mid-table Prem football let alone survival.
    3. They no longer wanted to be at QPR and had no heart and desire during the previous season.
  2.  Tony Fernandes openly admitted to doing things 'Wrong', going forward bringing in the right type of player was key. No silly wages and no silly signings who didn't meet the team and club ethics.
    1. Signing players based on reputation.
    2. Listening and gathering advice from agents and managers.
  3. 18 Players left the club.
    1. A massive transition took place.
    2. New players came in. 
  4. Not many teams that are relegated from the Premier League bounce straight back. 
    1. 76.5% of teams relegated in ANY football league division do not get promoted the following season.
    2. Wolves FC are a great and prime example of the relegation disaster. 'Double Relegation.
  5. Injuries to Key first team players.
    1. Charlie Austin - 2 Months Out
    2. Danny Simpson - 1 Month Out
    3. Alejandro Faurlin - Season long injury 
    4. Matty Phillips - Out from January till the end of the year. 
No, the above 5 points are not excuses but actual truths and realisation behind QPR's season back in the Championship. It goes without saying, getting to Wembley is massive achievement and possibly a 2nd chance for the current squad to take the Super Hoops back to the Promise land of the Premiership.

Playing Wigan over two legs is probably the hardest way to get there, followed by an even harder tie against third place Derby County. Regardless of what happens, Wembley will be a special day for all QPR fans, 28 Years and the first time for most young fans to cherish.
The team have already in my opinion done us proud with a superb turnaround at home in the Semi Finals. But wouldnt it be great if we managed to go on and win the play-off final?

This year has been full of change and should be looked back on as the season that everything came together for Rangers and not the opposite. A new starting eleven and a board that are finally understanding that it isnt just a business but a FINE football club full of wonderful and passionate  fans.

We are QPR and one day we WILL be back were WE belong.

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